Orijinal Jamaican | Top 10 Jamaican Crossover Artistes

Welcome to the latest episode of OriJinal Jamaican Top 10, where we celebrate the achievements of Jamaican artistes who have made an impact on the global music scene. In this episode, we rank the 10 most successful crossover acts from Jamaica since 1990, based on their popularity, awards, and influence. Whether they are reggae, dancehall, or pop stars, these artistes have represented Jamaica with pride and talent. Watch the video to find out who made the cut and share your thoughts in the comments section. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to stay updated with OriJinal Jamaica, the best source for Jamaican culture and entertainment!

Orijinal Jamaican | Top 10 Jamaican Crossover Artistes – YouTube


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Written by Cyprion Scott

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