Konshens says he will stop doing conscious songs

Having made his mark with various conscious songs over his career, dancehall star, Konshens, says he will no longer sing such numbers and instead write them for others.

Known for his share of conscious hits such as Winner, She’s Happy and more, Konshens said he reached his breaking point after the video for his single, Beautiful, received less favourable views compared to his more sexually-charged single, Turn Around. This led the artiste to voice his displeasure on his Instagram page.

“So as of now, I’ll only write songs for the mind and heart for other artistes to sing. Konshens will only sing sexually charged songs or party songs zeen,” he wrote. “This always cut me so deep, not being miserable but it f*** up when me a try share brain food and it gets overlooked, but as soon as I sing a gal song it moves.”

“Then you soon hear the old fans complaining seh Konshens nah give dem no song fi medz. Think this is the only thing about music that stresses me now. Not being ungrateful. I love that my fans love what I do for girls but it jus feel a likkle way. Both songs out two weeks and one is an OFFICIAL video. Look at the difference. Maybe if I give these songs to other more clean-cut artistes the message will be delivered. Me aggo try dat.”

Konshens is set to release his new album, IFG, later this year


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Written by Jodee Brown

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