Who will be the Queen of the 100m at Paris 2024?

Although Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has ruled as Queen for over a decade, Elaine the Duchess keeps breaking this law repeatedly. Elaine Thompson-Herah is driven and eager to pull off the triple-double in Paris, even if injuries have prevented her from reaching her full potential. The women’s 100m will be the main competition at the Olympics in Paris. Thompson Herah, Fraser-Pryce, Shericka Jackson, Sha’Carri Richardson and Marie-Josee Ta Lou will be the top competitors for the 100m gold at Paris 2024.

Elaine Thompson-Herah

Can Elaine pull off the triple at Paris 2024?

Elaine has struggled with injuries for years. But, something changes whenever an Olympic cycle comes around. It’s as if her body is a volcano. It goes dormant during the world championships and then erupts come Olympics time and does something spectacular. Since Tokyo 2020, things have been up and down for her. But, Jamaicans are hoping the pieces are coming together. Honestly, I wanted her to work with Shanieke. However, that didn’t work out. Her new coach, Reynaldo Walcott, was able to bring Shelly-Ann from 10:70 to 10:60, plus improve her endurance. 

Elaine’s PB is 10:54. If he keeps her healthy and uses the coaching methods he used with Shelly-Ann, Elaine can successfully defend both her titles. And, she will take down world records. Persons are concerned about whether or not this might clash with the fact that he coaches the great Shelly-Ann as well. No matter how he separates them closer to championships and trials, they will have to be on the same training ground as it will be hard for him to be going between two places. I think that her training by herself is ideal for her. She is an introvert and being by herself will force her to work harder and to be more focused.

On the other hand, Shelly-Ann is close to retirement. So, I do not believe that his coaching them is going to be an issue. Both are older and more mature. Not to mention the coach does not completely control the overall performance of the athlete. He coaches them and gives them instructions. But, it comes down to personal abilities, focus and experience. He can give them the same instruction. In the end, the person who is faster and executes better will come out on top. 

If Elaine stays healthy and works well with Mr. Walcott, no one will beat her. Elaine’s success will ultimately depend on her physical condition and how well she incorporates Walcott’s coaching into her training. With her talent and Walcott’s expertise, she will likely dominate her competitors at Paris 2024 if she remains injury-free. 

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Can Shelly get a 3rd Olympic gold medal?

Shelly-Ann has twice tried to complete the women’s 100m Olympic gold hat trick in the 100m However, Elaine thwarted her mission both times. She is now more than ever determined to do so. The problem is, she’s still nursing an injury. This is concerning as it affected her performance in 2023. Will this injury open the door to more as she gets older? Or, will she be able to find back her 10.6 form in time for Paris 2024?

Shelly-Ann is one you shouldn’t take lightly. She has proved time and time again over 15 years that whatever she sets her mind to, she can do it. Her coach now taking Elaine under his wing provides added motivation for her to succeed. She is not going down without a fight. 

Despite her injury, the 2022 world champion’s determination remains stronger than ever. The setback in 2023 raised concerns about whether this injury will have long-term effects on her performance as she ages. However, given her track record of proving herself time and time again, it would be unwise to underestimate the former Fastest Woman Alive. Shelly is prepared to fight tooth and nail to regain her previous form of running in the 10.6 range. 

Shericka Jackson

Can Shericka finally win Olympic gold in an individual event at Paris 2024?

Shericka has gone to two Olympics but failed to win an individual gold medal, settling for bronze and silver. Shericka might be new to the 100m, but she is learning fast. I firmly believe she is determined to prove that she can win a 100m title and she will be doing whatever it takes to win.

That said, Shericka is very inconsistent with her performances over the 100m. If she can get it right, she could cause havoc. Shericka’s past performances in the Olympics have shown her potential for success. Despite being relatively new to the event, her rapid learning curve indicates Shericka’s dedication and drive to win an individual gold in the 100m. 

While Shericka may have been inconsistent in her previous races, if she can find consistency in her performances, she has the potential to disrupt the pecking order and emerge victorious. 

Marie-Josée Ta Lou

Can Ta Lou get an Olympic medal?

Ta Lou has finished 4th at two consecutive Olympics and 4th at last year’s IAAF. The Ivorian has been so consistent over the years and is a personal favourite for me. It has been so painful to see her come 4th so many times. Unfortunately, this is what happens when the competition is so intense. Will the third time be the charm for the African sprint queen? If anyone deserves an Olympic medal at Paris 2024, it is her and she is quite capable of not only a medal but winning.

Marie-Josée Ta Lou‘s consistent performances and determination make her a strong contender for an Olympic medal. Despite finishing 4th in two consecutive Olympics and the last world championship, she has proven her ability to compete at the highest level. 

Sha’Carri Richardson

Can Sha’Carri spoil the Jamaican party again and give the USA the 100m Olympic title they haven’t won in years?

Sha’Carri has always been a controversial figure in track and field. Nevertheless, there is no doubt she is talented. She is just flamboyant and inconsistent at times. Now the newly minted 100m champion, can she break up the Jamaican party? Or, will it end with a minor medal for her? She is extremely talented and very young. She is a major threat to her opponents and she is now more encouraged than ever to prove that winning the world title in Budapest was not a fluke. 

Sha’Carri has proven she has the potential to challenge the dominance of Jamaican sprinters in the 100m event. Her youth and talent make her a formidable opponent, and she is determined to show that her success in Budapest was no mere stroke of luck. As she continues to develop and gain experience, it will be exciting to see how far she can go in breaking the Jamaican party and solidifying her place as a top contender in future competitions. 

Dina Asher-Smith

Can Dina get it together in time?

I have always felt like Asher-Smith has so much potential. However, something isn’t adding up. The British athlete underperformed at the worlds and didn’t run the relays. She needed to try something new. Asher-Smith has changed coaches, which I think should have been done many years ago. She has not won an Olympic medal in an individual event as yet. With the addition of a new coach and the disappointment of last year still fresh on her mind, Dina is looking for redemption. 

I believe that, in the 200m, she has a better shot at medalling in or winning. With her determination and the guidance of her new coach, Dina is eager to prove herself on the Olympic stage. The disappointment of last year’s performance has fueled her drive to succeed, and she is determined to make a strong comeback in both the 100m and 200m events. 

So, who will win it?

The field for the 100m is stacked. But, I believe that the medals will come down to the Big 3 from Jamaica and Sha’Carri. Can the Jamaicans pull off another 1-2-3? This would be their fourth time in history and the third time at an Olympics. As the anticipation builds for the upcoming 2024 season, fans and athletes alike are eager to see how the narratives unfold and if any new contenders will emerge. Regardless of what happens, this season is bound to be a memorable one for track and field enthusiasts around the world.

With the Big 3 and Sha’Carri dominating the field, the Jamaican team faces a tough challenge in trying to pull off another 1-2-3. However, history has shown that they are capable of achieving this feat, making it an exciting possibility for the upcoming 2024 season. As the competition intensifies and new talents emerge, the narrative of the season may change, leaving fans and athletes on the edge of their seats. No matter the outcome, this season will undoubtedly be etched in the memories of track and field enthusiasts globally.


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