Maia Chung launches grant initiative following recent robbery

Following a harrowing recent abduction and robbery at the hands of gunmen, Maia Chung has a surprising response as she recovers from the ordeal and plans an initiative to help people behind bars as a result.
“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they did or don’t care…the money taken, prevented my food, my plans for my children, my ability to stay on top of my motherly obligations.” This, according to Maia Chung.
“I am a working-class lady. I was in church yesterday and my Reverend preached on reparation or making amends.:
According to Chung, despite being the person who the crime was perpetrated against, she was moved to take the ashes of her abduction and do something under God with the ordeal.
While it may seem odd, to many, Chung is adamant that n God’s economy, it makes perfect sense.
“I’m interested in those who preyed on me, and who prey on others. God delivered my soul from the sword and from the power of the dog…I am going to do the right thing,” she said.
“I have decided to designate a monthly grant for a year, to provide inmates at major correctional facilities, with personal care items on a monthly basis,” she added.
A well-known philanthropist, Chung has a history of working to make bad things good.
“I intend to give my time as well and plan to dialogue with Jamaican correctional facility authorities to do a year-long round of motivational talks for inmates, to span a year, starting in November 2022.
She said she will go to the prisons for this part of the plan. The financial grant program will begin October 31, 2022 and end October 31, 2023.
“The outreach dialogue is my direct response to how they preyed on me and my family. We have suffered because of this act. But I know my son is happy I am still here with him. I want to sew a good seed, I am tired of the violence, the evil. Somebody has to at least try to help, they let me live…maybe my response and intervention will save other lives. Every life counts,” she expressed.
“The personal care program for prisoners will see approximately a quarter of a million JMD,  disbursed over one year, to various maximum security prisons with a view to providing anything supportive or rehabilitative to help ppl like the men who abducted me, and those who are now in prison for crimes.”
“If whatever I am doing now helps them, God a my don and my Bible is my strap. I will focus on those who are now already incarcerated. The rehab money grant will be disbursed in monthly allotments to get as much as possible for inmates in need.”
“All I can say is GOOD OVER EVIL.”
“Any organisation or group that wants to join me can reach out to 876411ja for contact information.”


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Written by Jodee Brown

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