Maia Chung speaks out, expresses gratitude following robbery

This for my friends, family and business associates. It’s NOT A MEDIA STATEMENT. Fair use doesn’t cover this. In fact, detectives in two different divisions are investigating the case.

On Wednesday September 28, 2022, I was in St. Catherine in the vicinity of the Portmore Mall. I was picked up by three males with two guns in a car.

They said ‘If you cooperate nothing bad will happen. If you don’t cooperate we will kill/shoot you.’ Gunman one was in the front with the driver, who, by appearances, wasn’t with the 2 armed men. But that could have been an act.

They ordered me to take off my Covid mask, and they took my bag and phone.

They started to question me, ‘How old are you? what type of work do you do? do you have kids? who did your hair? Where are you from? A bet seh if I saw you on the road and said hello you would not answer.’

They asked me for the pin for my phone and ATM pin, as well as the amount in the account.

The crime began in St. Catherine about midday and ended in Kingston and St. Andrew and lasted for about two hours. It consisted of them driving me to various ATMs to try to get what I had out the account. We were having no luck as they were on high alert for law enforcement.

The ATMs were too crowded closer to where they hijacked me, which is closer to St. Catherine and they just kept driving, when I realised we were in Kingston, they saw an empty ATM.

They had said as soon as they got what was in the account they would let me out. During the search of my bag, they took my driver’s licence, my bank card and my Covid mask pack. I had cash in the bag, they took that.

After going to the ATM and removing the funds, they gave me $1,000 for bus fare, so they said I would not have to suffer, further, by being stranded, this busfare came from the cash they had taken from my bag, and I was advised they had left some money in my account, so things would not be too hard for me.

They borrowed my earring, took out my SIMs, they gave me back my licence and bank card. Gunman two said I can just change my pin.

They kept staring into my face and said they like me, there is something about me. I thought yes there is = THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. Kept my mouth shut though.

The gunmen having gotten my meagre funds, I said to them, you made a deal, let me go. As they continued to drive, I looked up and saw my church. I asked them to let me out there. Gunman two and I exited the car and he put his arm around my waist and walked me in a direction to not see the plates on the car. He said, ‘Princess everything is going to be alright.’

He said we gave you your SIMs, masks, busfare, driver’s licence and bank card, so you won’t have to go through any more hassle.

He said hush princess.

I went inside church and saw my deacons. They gave me cash and called a cab for me to go to the doctor.

God is the greatest thing in my life. Jesus is my Saviour. The Trinity was in that vehicle. You may know once a gun is drawn, much less two, ANY CARD can play. It could have been a robbery, a beating  a rape and a murder. It was a robbery.

They did indeed leave money in the account. Not much.

No, I don’t know them. But I am HAPPY because once again MY FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN, STRUCK DOWN THE ARROW THAT CAME BY DAY.

When I left the vehicle, I asked them to do me a favor. If the driver is not with you, don’t kill him, just take he car. Yes…who am I to be asking murderers favors? I am the sinner that Jesus especially love.

During our ATM hunt, they said they had been looking for a car. SO I said you have money and car, just leave the man.

Upon reaching my doctor she checked me and my friends there ensured I got home safely. There are only 3 reasons I can post this The Father, The Son , and The Holy Ghost.

This is not a Hack.

This me #noGodnoMaia
I love God HE IS REAL


Then I thought I want to talk to my children again.

Love the Lord with all your heart.

I love all of you,

Maia can be contacted on WhatsApp at 876-435-5961.


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