Maia Chung invited by major Italian gallery for Consideration for important Art Residency in Italy

Coming on the heels of the selection of her work, for honors as well as publication in the Japanese biennial art event, Art Olympia 2019,  Jamaican visual artist Maia Chung this week received an invitation, to send her work for consideration for the Galleria Banditto’s, 10 day residency prize to be allocated in 2019.  
Galleria Banditto is located in Tuscany Italy. Each year the gallery invites artists from around the world to stay at the gallery,  to help with the growth and development of their work. This is with a view to advancing the evolution of art globally. And helping the artists chosen to get better in their craft.

Chung said the invite, joins several other positive art developments around her work, since her work Rorschach Garden of the ID,  made waves in the biennial event Art Olympia  2019, and was chosen for honours, by the jurors of that August art competition. The piece was chosen for honours and is now being displayed to the world on the Art Olympis Website, the achievement of Chung was highlighted in the prestigious art magazine Bijutsu-Techco’s September 2019 issue.

The  Art Olympia judges received 5,684 pieces of art from 100 countries; out of this high level of submissions, the jurors deemed just a mere 19 percent worthy of honours, awards, and exhibition, for this 2019 judging.

Her triptych piece Rorschach Garden of the ID, painted 2018/2019, was among 200 of the 5,000 works, assessed by art specialists from around the world, as being of a standard to receive honours.

The September 2019  invitation to submit her work came from the chief curator of the Gallery, who indicated to Chung via phone her work has been garnering immense positive attention amongst important curators and collectors since her work was selected by Art Olympia Jurors. Chung indicated that she received the request on September 16.

Chung’s career in art is less than three years old and developments such as these, are outstanding considering this fact.

She says she will do her best as usual.
Hollow Man a piece by visual artist Maia Chung
The works submitted will be reviewed by some of the top art specialists active in the global art community presently. Including Art Collector / Curator / Founder of Sunday-S Gallery & Copenhagen Contemporary Peter Ibsen.

Today his collection spans over 150 to 200 pieces of art. In the past years, he has made a career shift into the art scene. First, by curating the international art fair in Copenhagen, CODE in 2016 and, today, he runs his own gallery Sunday-S showing minimalist and abstract art to an international audience. Besides that, he runs the online blog Copenhagen Contemporary featuring interviews with his favourite artists.

Other jurors are Frans Smit who is fast becoming one of the rising stars within the South African art community. With more than forty exhibitions under his name, Smit’s artwork has been showcased local and internationally. He was selected for the Absa L’atelier award in 2008 and 2010. In 2013 he won the Queensplate “Moments” Photographic Competition and received a Merit Award at the Vuleka Art Award. Smit has been selected for residency at Galleria Banditto in June 2019.


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